Rotoworld reports that Jim Hendry and the Cubs are talking to Kenny Lofton; they speculate that this means that talks aren’t going well with Julio Lugo.

I like this option – Lugo is not a centerfielder, he’s a middle infielder. Why do the Cubs seem to like playing guys outside their natural positions? Are they interested in more errors? Lofton is a centerfielder, that’s what he does; he would certainly firm up an outfield defense that is suspect at best. Is he going to miss some games? You bet, that’s why you have Felix Pie and Angel Pagan ready to step in.

Last year Kenny hit .305 and had an on base percentage of .360. He stole 32 bases while being caught 5 times. If the Cubs get 120 games out of Lofton it will be a smart move.

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