Word on the street is that Manny Ramirez will be dealt by Boston this week. I know I know, there’s always rumors about Ramirez!

I could easily see the Cubs hooking up with the Bosox on this one. Izturis, Prior, Pawelek and Murton for Ramirez and a top Boston prospect would be real do-able from my standpoint. There’s all kinds of combinations/permutations that one could consider…

Imagine this batting order: 1. Soriano, 2. DeRosa, 3. D-Lee, 4. A-Ram, 5. Manny, 6. Barrett, 7. Theriot (SS,) 8. Pie (CF)….if the Cubs signed Igawa for third starter and Maddux for fourth I’d pick the Cubs for the division AND league!

What do y’all think about trading for Manny? If you like it what would you give?

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