Hello boys and girls, it’s Hendry the Clown again! We had a terrible 2006, most people in baseball suggested we should add a couple of bonafide starters, a power hitting outfielder, an infielder with some offensive zip and a good bat off the bench. Know what I’m going to do? I’m going to ignore all of that and continue with our Attack of the Super Clones, spending major bucks on utility players and backups! Of course we won’t have enough money for two decent pitchers so guess what, I’m gonna turn Jason Marquis around and make Neil Cotts a starter – I can wave my magic GM’s wand and it will happen!

And then I’ll get Gil Meche to fill out the rotation, we’ll just kill ’em with Zambrano, Hill, Miller, Gil Meche and Cotts! My big move will be to sign Soriano to play center, I really loved his attitude about moving to left field so I’m gonna move him to center! Of course, he’s never played center before, but who cares? He can steal bases, therefore he must be capable of playing center.

Well that’s it for now boys and girls, don’t forget who your favorite clown is, it’s ME! Hendry the Clown!

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