I’m totally perplexed as to why I’m not reading anything about Hendry talking with Carlos Lee. Lee would gladly take a paycut (compared to what he could get) and a four year contract to come back to Chicago, and he is an absolute terror in Wrigley Field.

And what’s all this talk about Soriano playing center? He’s never played center to my knowledge, can he play goalie too? Khabibulin’s hurt, maybe he’s another Deion Sanders. Here’s a guy that blatantly refused to play left field when his Hall of Fame manager asked him to. And the Cubs are gonna spend a hundred million for him to play a position that he’s never played before…what kind of insanity is that?

Come on people, let’s get real. Carlos Lee has hit 100 homeruns in three years, he’s averaged a .348 on base percentage over the last three years so I could see him leading off more than I could see Soriano playing center. Not that I’m recommending that, mind you. C-Lee has averaged 110 RBIs per year during that time horizon and has played in 153, 162 and 161 games per season. So what are we waiting for Mr. Hendry?

I’m hopeful that the Cubs will do the right thing and sign this guy. If necessary, give Dave Roberts a two year contract and use Felix Pie on a callup basis in center when Roberts can’t play. Add these moves and get Cliff Lee and Kei Igawa for the rotation and I’ll pick the Cubs for second in the Central and a fightin’ chance for the divisional title!

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