Hendry scored a point today by signing Aramis Ramirez. I feel vindicated in my approach to the Musketeer’s contract negotiations — we weren’t going to hear the truth from either side, so I decided not to listen until he was signed.

But now he’s a Cub for the rest of his prime years. Yes!

In lesser news, the Cubs extended Kerry Wood’s subsidized Disabled List tour. The important part of the article above is this line:

Wood will return as a reliever, hoping to regain his arm strength after rehabbing a rotator cuff injury since August. He said in September he felt an “obligation” to return, and lived up to his word.

Two things to say:
1) A reliever. Great. They didn’t mention how much he’ll make to not pitch on consecutive days for an inning or two here and there.
2) Kerry Wood is a living embodiment of the Cubs.

  • The old Chicago White Stockings were dominant. So was Kerry Wood when he first came up.
  • The Cubs were a dominant team at the turn of the century. Wood was a dominant pitcher at the turn of the 21st century.
  • The Cubs made the playoffs and were close to the World Series many times from ’08 to ’45. Wood was in the playoffs in ’98 and ’03 and was close to the World Series in ’03.
  • The Cubs have done jack squat ever since 1945. Kerry Wood hasn’t contributed significantly since 2003.
  • The Cubs’ seasons have been cut short by injuries more than a few times. Same with Kerry Wood.
  • Through it all I have still rooted for the Cubs. I’m still rooting for Wood.

P.S. Do an image search for “disabled list” on Google. Our own Mark Prior is the top result! He’s the best!

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