I ran across this picture while browsing the various sports pages; most of you probably know by now that Sammy is trying to make a comeback so that he can hit 600 homeruns. No, it’s not to win the world championship that always eluded him, it’s that mythical number than only a few ballplayers have ever hit that’s dangling in front of Sammy’s eyes.

Anyway, I found this picture of His Samminess standing on his La Romana estate, watching as workers positioned the various adornments that will help Sosa and an estimated crowd of up to a thousand celebrate his birthday. It reminded me of an experience I had in the restaurant business – a very regular female customer was to have a fiftieth birthday party and I was asked to work it. I went in early to set up the bar, tables, etc. and to my surprise she was there supervising her own birthday party! The party came and went and I got the impression that most of the people really didn’t want to be there, they just came because she was influential and had lots of money. They weren’t real friends – real friends would have put on a party for her.

The symbolism of Sammy standing their by himself distinctly reminds me of that moment, watching as they prepare a party that he has thrown to honor himself.

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