As I made perfectly clear, my first choice for manager was Bob Brenly. My reasoning was that he would come in with a plan after seeing the team for the last two seasons. Since then, I have changed my stance. After watching yesterday’s press conference, I have come to realize that I am beginning to acquire a healthy man crush on my Uncle Lou. Obviously, this is wrong on many levels, but I just can’t help myself. Lou is everything I need and more in a manager.

One of my biggest pet peeves about a team is lack of hustle. I can deal with losing if I know they did everything they could to prevent it. Dusty didn’t take care of this issue in his tenure here. One of the main things Lou said yesterday was that his teams “always hustle”. Preach on, brother. You’re speaking my language.

Piniella also talks about his view that with the right pieces, this team can win right away. Again, my eyelashes are beginning to bat in your direction Uncle Lou. Keep whispering those sweet nothings in my ear. I’m liking how they sound.

What’s that you say, Uncle Lou? Look at your what? Yeah, that ring you have does sparkle nicely. It sure would be nice to see the Cubs sport them too. Piniella brings a World Series to the table. That alone speaks volumes to players. When you’ve got a guy that brings winning to the table, guys are going to listen. Piniella took a Pete Rose coached Reds team from 5th place under Rose to a World Series the next year. I seem to remember the Cubs playing pretty poorly this year. Perhaps Piniella can do the same in Chicago.

I know that I could be setting myself up for failure and heartbreak by falling in love, but it just feels so right. Why don’t you join us?

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