It’s been a long week, so I’m going to dispense with the pleasantries and dive right in:

AL East
This seemed to be a pretty easy division to call. Only Tommy broke ranks and picked the Blue Jays to win it, and Dave and I actually both picked the entire finish correctly.

Good Call: Dave and I both pegged the Blue Jays leap frogging Boston for 2nd.

Bad Call: Joe picks the Devil Rays for third. He was blinded by the D-Ray love, even back in March.

AL Central
All of us saw this is a 3 team race, the only problem was, we thought that the 3rd team was Cleveland, not Detroit. None of us predicted the Twins to take the division, and we all had the Tigers 4th.

Good Calls:

Dave: “if Mauer/Cuddyer/Morneau have big years they(Minnesota) could take the division.
Chris: “If Jim Thome really is healthy, the White Sox offense will be better than last year”
Joe: “When you look at Mauer and Morneau, they just seem ready to shine.”
All: Kansas City stinks (yeah, we went out on a limb, I know).

Bad Calls:
Chris and Dave: predicted injuries to Detroit’s: Pudge, Guillen, Mags and Young. Only Young missed significant time.
Everyone but Joe had Cleveland finishing 2nd or higher.

AL West
Wow, seems like an easy division to predict. Only Joe’s pick of LA beating out Oakland for 1st place prevented us from a clean sweep on the AL West.

Good Calls:
Everyone but Joe picked this division exactly right.
Tommy: “Blalock fizzles after the break” (.651 OPS after June)
Mastrick: “anticipate another late season onslaught from the A’s.” (Oakland 48-26 after the break)

Bad Calls:
Joe and Tommy predicted big things from Casey Kotchman, but Kotchman did little in 29 games before being placed on the DL.

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