Do we get a money-first, Tribune Insider toadie or a team-first outsider willing to shake things up to install an organization-wide philosophy?


Marketing genius John McDonough, who knows a lot about making money but not a lot about steering a baseball team, is the new Prez.
His vague, but repeated, mentions of winning a World Series and mention of talking over some kind of plan, put me ill at ease. He mentioned nothing about HOW he’s going to steer the organization to success. I’m sure the Trib’s in for record profits, but I hope we’re not in for more disjointed team building.

I guess I can’t dismiss the guy before he starts his job. He deserves a chance. But this is no “hooray” moment for me. I was hoping for a Papa Smurf, but marketing guys make me think about people who wear all black and carry around cats named Azrael.

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