Dusty went to the well again with Dempster and blew yet another game with his poor decision-making. Ask anybody that’s ever been in a twelve step program what “stinkin’ thinkin'” is – they’ll tell you that it is when you keep making the same decisions expecting different results. We went through this with LaTroy, now we’re going through it with Dempster. Dusty is the kind of guy that makes his mind up and, when he does, the whole world is wrong and he is right and you’re just not going to change his mind. He is as immovable as the Rock of Gibraltar.

A lot of people interpret this as stupidity; although Dusty ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer it’s more a matter of obstinacy and a specific personal shortcoming – Dusty is incapable of adapting to a changing world. He’s caught in a time warp world where he feels that athletes are professionals and veterans are better than rookies. He feels a manager shouldn’t have to teach fundamentals and conditioning, professionals should already know those things. He doesn’t like teaching young ballplayers – when have you ever seen him out on the playing field working with a young rookie? If Dusty is a teacher then I’m a nuclear physicist.

So every year he bakes the same cake and every year players get hurt and every year his team falls short. The Dusty-o-Meter is down to six games, not that I’m counting mind you.

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