Carlos Zambrano had his ‘moment’ tonight when the Cincinnatians knocked him around in the second. But Zambrano himself went yard and several other Cubs jumped on the offensive bandwagon as the Cubs bested the Reds 11-4 in today’s twilight rain delay. Juan Pierre, Ryan Theriot and Aramis Ramirez (HR, 2 RBIs) each had two hits and Mabry had three as the Cubs pored it on, sending former Cub prospect Kyle Lohse to the shower after three and five other Reds’ relievers were required for mop-up. Dempster came in and gave Cubs fans a little hope, striking out two and giving up one hit in the final frame.

In other news, preliminary obits for the Dusty regime are appearing in the Tribune, Sun-Times and Jim Hendry has stated that he has “not necessarily” made his decision yet (is he waiting for divine intervention?) Dusty, however has expressed his hope that he will find out before October 1st, he has some things that must be packed up before they can be shipped back to California. Ibn al-Bakr (pictured at right) was quoted as saying: “They’ve been writing my obituary for months…if you’re looking for criticism of people, you can find themÖ I was criticized when I was winning.”

Did he say “winning” or “whining?”

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