Tonight’s game was deja vu all over again as the Cubs and Phils locked horns in another high-scoring game. The Phils and the Cubs have a history of knockdown-dragouts and tonight’s game was no exception; the two teams combined for seventeen runs and twenty-three hits in a game that would have had young Ron Santo clicking his heels with joy.

Aramis Ramirez led the charge for the Cubs, hitting two three-run homeruns and accumulating a personal-best 7 RBIs. Ramirez has an unusual contract, it obligates the Cubs but he is free to walk away after eleven more games. With 35 homeruns and 110 RBIs he should be highly sought after if he decides to test free agency. Way to go Hendry! We either let Ramirez walk or his raise will be money that will not be spent on free agents. Pick yer poison.

Shawn Marshall did something that makes me wonder whether or not he is really ready for the bigs – he threw Jose Hernandez a 3-2 fastball with the bases loaded. Who in baseball doesn’t know that Hernandez is a dead fastball hitter? I had just commented to someone that I’d rather see Marshall walk Hernandez when he served up his gopherball, putting Philly back into the game 8-6. What in the world was he thinking?

Fortunately the Cubs held on and the bullpen shut the door. Wuertz got the win since Marshall did not pitch the required five innings – the Cubs added three runs and won 11-6. Wade Miller takes the hill tomorrow in a 6:05 PM game; the Cubs have won six out of their last eight in what could be Dusty’s last hurrah.

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