The Cubs were shutout yet again and, as the offense continues to prove that it needs major overhaul the team had yet another injury. Some of you may recall at the beginning of the season I expressed hope that the Cubs would take action to stop all these muscle pulls and strains that seem to happen every year with alarming consistency. There is nothing one can do to prevent accidents like the ones that happened to Derrek Lee, Michael Baker and Glendon Rusch. But it’s a proven fact that a good conditioning program will add flexibility, muscle strength and prevent a lot of strains and pulls.

In the business world failure means being let go. Accordingly I call on Tribune Broadcasting and the Cubs management to fire the current trainers and so-called strength and conditioning coordinator, i.e. Mark O’Neil, Ed Halbur and Tim Buss. We need a bonafide trainer and at least three physical therapy assistants. Each player should have a strength and conditioning regimen and their progress (or lack thereof) should be monitored; corrective action should be taken against backsliders.

The players owe it to themselves, the management and the fans to keep in good playing shape; guys like Maddux never get hurt because they work a program. Since the Cubs players cannot keep fit by themselves it is time to do what all high school and college athletic coaches do, preach and practice good physical conditioning.

Dusty-o-Meter: 14 games left

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