Today baseball showed it’s classy side as remembrances were observed across the country. Without commenting I’ve included some of the significant photos of today’s ceremonies throughout the league. The rest of this post will be devoted to baseball activities involving the Cubs.

When Hill takes the hill….

Good things happen. Earlier in the season I was thinking it would make sense to move Rich out to the pen and have him take Ohman’s job as lefty specialist. He was getting consistently rocked – he threw his fastball right down the pipe and it seemed like everybody knew when that big bender was coming and they sure timed it. Hill got demoted to AAA Iowa and promptly resumed doing what he’s done at every level in the minors – he struck out batters right and left, had a miniscule ERA and kept hits and bases on balls to an absolute minimum.

So I watched with great approbation when Hill came back up to the majors, to my surprise it appeared that Hill was now avoiding the center of the plate with his fastball and he had begun to throw his bender less predictably. He also had begun to toy with a changeup and a slider that had a wicked downward break.

So now we have to wonder if it might make sense to pencil Hill into the starting rotation for next year – we’ll have three more starts or so to make decisions. If Hill can indeed earn a spot it means that the Cubs can go with Zambrano, Marshall and Hill as sure starters, get one quality free agent pitcher and let Prior, Marmol and Mateo battle it out for the fifth spot. Such a strategy would probably free up enough money to sign both Carlos Lee AND Zito and put the Cubs back on the map. Maybe that’s just crazy thinking but it sure is fun to speculate!

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