I always liked that old fella, sometimes I didn’t agree with his exact positions but I still would consider him to be one of the best Presidents of his time. You could trust the man. At one time in his life Ronald Reagan actually did play by play for the Cubs while he was a radio announcer for WHO in Des Moines, Iowa.

I can just imagine The Great Communicator watching the 2006 team lose it’s 87th game with 19 left to play. I can see Dusty offering his normal excuses as to why the team lost yet again and Reagan repeating the quip that he made famous in the 1980 debates. ‘Well, there you go again Dusty!’

More excuses, more of the same, more incompetent leadership, no ability to drive results, can’t get players excited, why is Hendry sitting on his hands? Oh, I know, Jim Hendry does what he says he is going to do. He can ignore results and “evaluate at his own pace” and rip the fans off by putting a shoddy product on the field because he’s the emperor of the Cubs. He can do whatever he wants!

All the while the Cubs slide lower and lower, they are on pace for a 64-98 season, the 6th-worst record in the team’s 131 year history.

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