I have to assume that Chicago ballplayers read the newspapers like we do, so they probably saw today where Dusty said that he doesn’t like his ballplayers “clogging up the basepaths” with runners. Well tonight they responded by doing an excellent job of staying off the bases; in nine innings the Cubs had ten baserunners and stranded them all.

Juan Mateo wasn’t dominating but he didn’t pitch a bad game either. He lost because the Cubs didn’t score enough runs. Why? Because they didn’t have enough guys on base to be driven in when the hits *did* happen. Farmers know a simple rule – if your hens lay enough eggs, pretty soon you’re gonna have more chickens. Not enough walks + not enough hits = not enough runs.

Johnny B helps the Cubs’ opposition by handcuffing the players with bad decisions and poor direction. We need a manager that understands and teaches the fundamentals of the game, not one that focuses on trying to look smart during press conferences.

Update: The Cubs again did a great job of not “clogging up the basepaths” as they were limited to one walk, three hits and one run in their second low-scoring loss in as many days. You have to feel sorry for the two young starters. The Cubs’ batters were free-swinging as usual, hacking away at pitcher’s pitches and Cubs’ hitters only let the St. Louis pitchers throw 107 pitches in nine innings. This is Dusty Ball.

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