The Neifi era is over and the Cubs Blog Army canít resist getting in their last digs on a player who admittedly was no David Ortiz but on many occasions busted his tail with positive results.

nifty neifi

Proud to say one of the more gracious send-offs came from Mastrick, our own lovable curmudgeon, ìI wish Neifi the best of luck, nothing against him, he’s an adequate utility player and he always seemed to have a positive attitude as a Cub.î I think Iím tearing up.

Famine (Jason) from Goat Riders tried to be conciliatory as well, ìIf used properly, Neifi could actually help a contender like Detroit and so everyone should be happy.î But he couldnít help himself with this crack, ìHe could have been traded for a box of Frankenberry cereal and I’d be just as happy.î Some folks just canít resist temptation.

Chuck at Ivy Chat also seems to want to be somewhat mollifying when he writes ìIronically, Neifi is actually a valuable player if used properly.î But alas he canít seem to help himself, either, by adding ìIt sure seems that the injury to Placido Polanco has improved the Cubs for 2007 by getting the Cubs to unload an overused and underqualified player.î Chuck titled his post ìDonít Let The Door Hit You In The Butt On The Way Out.î Nice.

ìI find it somewhat remarkable that Hendry was able to convince another team that Perez had enough value to trade for,î so says our friend at Not too assuaging, if you ask me.

Baseball Toasterís Derek, one of the better writers in the CBA, chimes in lock-step with this little nuggett. ìthe disturbingly overvalued Neifi! was sent to, of all places, Detroit, for A-ball catcher, Chris Robinson. That Perez was dealt at all is surprising enough, but that he brought back someone who could conceivably see time in the Majors within the next five years, and perhaps even be of some use, is nothing short of miraculous.î ìDisturbingly?î I am disturbed by the decline of moral values and political unrest in the world. Neifiís contract doesnít even register in the top 100 with me.

But no one has been more vicious than Rob from The Cub Reporter. He undoubtedly had to change his trousers when he heard the news. In his ìChristmas in Julyî post he gushes ìAs for Neifi, donít let the door hit you on the way out. Good riddance! I really donít want to spend another moment on his worthlessness. Good luck Tigers, youíll need it.î

Oh I donít know, Rob. Seems to me the Cubs need a guy who hits over .300 with runners in scoring position (The Cubs are only hitting .255 in these situations). Add in Neifiís night-time average of .320 (Cubs .263) and his average in June-July was also over .300 so where do you get off excoriating Neifi Perez?

Well, who will the next whipping boy be? Corey is history, Hawkins is gone, Macias is but a memory. Ah, yes. Mabry. My guess is John Mabry.

Let the mudflinging commence.

As for me, my World Series Dream Series is set. Dodgers and Tigers. Maddux and Neifi. I’m ready for October.

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