Well the Cubs lost today to their arch rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals. So what? The big news is that perennial Dusty favorite NEIFI PEREZ WAS TRADED TO DETROIT! I wish Neifi the best of luck, nothing against him, he’s an adequate utility player and he always seemed to have a positive attitude as a Cub.

It’s not Neifi’s fault that Dusty treated him like the second coming of the Messiah. It’s not his fault that Dusty over-used him and put him in a position to fall flat on his face – he never was a top of the order guy after all. Like Holly and Latroy, Neifi was simply a teacher’s pet and thus had no standing whatsoever with the fans. He was also overpaid by a GM that appears to be more and more henpecked as the days go on.

Perhaps this move signals a willingness on Hendry’s part to atone for his serious errors. Maybe he will jettison Glendon Rusch and make plans for new starters to take Prior and Wood’s places next year. Who knows, he might even surprise us and snag Carlos Lee in the offseason. One can only hope…

For what it’s worth, the catcher the Cubs got for Neifi is a former third round pick with two years of organized baseball under his belt. The Cubs saw him plenty in the Florida State League where he competed against the Daytona Cubs and batted .288. He’s rated highly as a defensive catcher and is a former Illini.

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