Not the ballgame of course, the Cubs lost their first game in five today, they stunk. Dusty went to the pen after Marmol gave up 3 earned runs in 60 pitches, funny how he has such a short leash with youngsters. He pulled Mateo after 68 but he has no issue whatsoever leaving a veteran in there for over 120 pitches. The bullpen came in and stunk it up – it’s truly puzzling why Roberto Novoa was brought in during a close game but he did what he often does – he gave up more runs. And David Aardsma had a poor game giving up three homeruns and five earned runs. Aardsma has been pitching well as of late but today simply wasn’t his day. We also saw some very poor fundamental play which proves that the manager is TOTALLY WRONG – professionals have to practice the fundamentals too. You can’t just pay lip service, you have to do it Dusty!

The highlight of today’s game was of course the air show. It sounded like the game was being played in Shea with all of the jet noise, one thing’s for sure, the US sure has some nice toys and they’re neat to watch. It’s comforting to know we’ve got those guys, we haven’t had to defend our own borders since the War of 1812 but I suspect that will one day change. Next year if I go to Chicago I’d love to time it with the airshow, it would be neat to get some Wrigley shots with the airplanes in the background!

Update: reports that Marmol was pulled early due to a sore bicep, his next start is in question. Marshall pitched poorly yesterday in his second rehab start; now he might have to come up and pitch in Marmol’s spot. The other alternative would be to bring up Miller and my understanding his that he’s throwing in the high 80s.

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