This week, we take a look at five “sports figures” that the staff wishes would just go away. We feel that life as a fan would have been much better had these folks never existed in the sports scene at all. Enjoy the list, and as always, leave us some of your choices in the comment section.

Tommy’s Five

Tough category this week as I generally try to not dwell on negative energy. Some of my choices may not fit the criteria exactly.

1. Joe Morgan
Because he is redundant, self-absorbed and blasphemous the way he denigrates Ernie and Ryno.

2. Johnny Callison
He took something away from me when I was just 13 years old that I can never get back my innocence. Before that I considered professional athletes as god-like. By his cursing out a Cubs photographer right in front of me, Callison opened my eyes. I would have preferred to remain in a state of naÔvetÈ a bit longer.

3. Rafael Palmeiro
I believed the SOB.

4. Billy Packer
He is redundant, self-absorbed and is obviously biased against the Big Ten.

5. Bartman
No explanation necessary

Mastrick’s Five

1. Pete Rose – I used to dread it when the Cubs played the Reds but I respected the hard-nosed intensity that he brought to the game. I could have easily forgiven him for his gambling transgressions but I’ll never forgive him for being a pathological liar. Pete Rose is where he needs to be, out of baseball and dishonored.

2. Ty Cobb – Tyrus Raymond Cobb may have been one one of the most prolific players in the game’s history but he was a scumbag and a sorry excuse of a man. He treated the people around him like dirt, went out of his way to try to hurt his opponents with his spikes and was a terrible racist. He was truly one of the most sordid characters in baseball history.

3. Todd Bertuzzi – His cheap shot against a Colorado Avalanche player should have earned him a financial bankruptcy and banishment from organized hockey.

4. Jack Tatum – They called him the Assassin but he should have met an assassin. Another cheapshot guy with no respect for his sport or his teammates, may he burn in Hell for what he did to Darrell Stingley.

5. George W. Bush – Former owner of the Texas Rangers, I cringe when I hear his name being mentioned in conjunction with the commissioners position. Everything this guy touches turns to stone; it took years for the Rangers to recover from his ownership and it will take years to undo the damage he has done to the United States and it’s prestige.

Chris’s Five

1. Barry Bonds – Probably the biggest jerk in sports today. It’ll be a shame if he hangs on and breaks Hank Aaron’s record.

2. Anna Benson – What a great story: ex-stripper marries mediocre starting pitcher and becomes full-time media whore. Why does the media keep talking to her?

3. Bill Wirtz – Old Man Potter retires from the bank to run a hockey franchise in Chicago.

4. 1972 Miami Dolphins – I’m sick of seeing these guys and their annual champagne toast. The ’85 Bears would have clobbered them.

5. Terrell Owens/Bill Parcells – I think that both of these guys, while talented, are egotistical jerks. Since they won’t disappear, I’m going to enjoy watching them torment each other in Dallas this season.

Dave’s Five

1. Larry Himes – Since his time with the Cubs I have been disgusted by the thought of this jerk. My hero, Sandberg, quit because he hated the guy so much. If there were any guy I’d want to disappear from the sports timeline, it’d be this guy.

2. Brett Favre – As a Bear fan I can respect his greatness while bemoaning his very existence. No one football player has caused more grief to the city of Chicago than this guy. My life would be better without Favre on the planet.

3. Jerry Glanville – What a weenie.

4. Bud Selig – He has profited greatly from the things he has done “in the best interest of baseball.” (Recall the sound and fury about the total re-org of baseball which resulted in what he wanted anyway, his Brewers in the NL again.) He has forwarded the business interests of baseball. Frankly, as a fan of the game and not the business, I don’t give a damn how much better off baseball’s financial interests are now. He has presided over the steroid era, the rabbit ball, the all-star fiasco, and other foibles. The GAME of baseball has been hurt by Bud.

5. Cap Anson – You can blame racism on the times or ignorance, but I don’t buy it. He was a magnificent player, but it embarasses me to have a man who wished so much ill on so many people be a part of Cubs history. Cobb and others could possibly have been worse, but Cap stained the Cubs cap with his hate.

Joe’s Five

1. Barry Bonds – I hate everything about this guy. He’s an arrogant liar and I can’t wait to see him rot in jail. He has shamed the game I love and I can’t help was hope he is removed from baseball and sports existence.

2. Kelvin Sampson – I hate this guy with a passion. Why is it that coaches who break the rules are allowed to not only coach, but coach at top notch programs. I’ve always hated Indiana University as an Illini fan, but seeing Kelvin Sampson not only get the job there, but watch as he tries to lure Eric Gordon away despite his verbal commitment disgusts me. I hope recruits and fans boycott this loser and turn IU into what it should be, a wasted piece of land. Go Illini!!!!! (Sorry Tommy)

3. Bill Wirtz – How can an owner possibly be allowed to not show his team’s home games in their own city? It’s nuts.

4. Darryl Strawberry – I’m all about giving a guy a second chance, but this guy has had way too many chances. Like i’ve said before, he’s a complete waist of perfectly good air.

5. Chris Berman – I literally turn events off when I hear him announcing them. He’s that bad.

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