Apparently the Texas Rangers and the Angels just can’t get along. We all saw the little tÍte – ‡ – tÍte that the Cubs and Houston Astros had earlier in the week – Roger Clemens’ glove sustained a threatening injury when he returned to the Astros’ dugout and there’s no telling what got damaged in the clubhouse.

Things have been heating up for the Rangers and the Angels and this is not the first time that blows have been exchanged. According to the TV announcers Laird and Kennedy had some issues a coupla years ago. In fact, both Vlad Guerrero and Juan Rivera were nailed the previous day by Texas pitcher Vincente Padilla, so this apparently is an ongoing thing between the two teams.

The whole incident took place because Adam Kennedy got plunked in the rear after Kevin Gregg had thrown behind Ian Kinsler; he then proceeded to nail the next batter Michael Young and both dugouts were warned. Brenden Donnelly came in after the Angels’ manager and pitcher were ejected and immediately hit Freddy Guzman. The icing on the cake was when Donnelly stared into the Texas dugout after his hit batsman, as if to say: “Take that!”

Texas sidewinder Scott Feldman threw the offending pitch that caused Adam Kennedy to charge the mound, apparently he boxes sidearm as well. Look for both Feldman and Kennedy to get some serious time off, hopefully scheduled to coincide during some of the six games remaining between the two teams.

Update: MLB disciplinarian Bob Watson layed the smack down on both the Rangers and Angels for Tuesday and Wednesday’s events. Rangers manager Buck Showalter got four games, five for Vincente Padilla and six for Scott Feldman. The Angels’ manager Mike Scioscia got three games and Adam Kennedy, Kevin Gregg and Brendan Donnelly all got four games in the street. I suspect that both teams will attempt to drag out the appeals until September callups take effect.

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