Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Great debut today from Ryan O’Malley, the charismatic 26 year old from Springfield, Illinois. Mom and Dad were there, beaming, so proud. “See that guy? He’s our son!” He got shaving cream all over them after his interview with WGN but they didn’t seem to mind one bit.

Eight innings, no runs. Cubs pitching has now blanked the Astros 19 straight innings, and 34 of the 36 in the series sweep.

Barrett’s home run in the 6th was all the offense necessary to help entrench the Astros deeper in the Wild Card race and propel the Cubs to the series this week-end in St. Louis, who are struggling right now and who the Cubs have beaten soundly and often so far this weird season.

Earlier in the week Ryan Theriot cam ethrough big time. Maybe Stats Inc can come up with the last time two Ryans shined in the same week. Probably Nolan Ryan, back to back shutouts or something.

Cue up Chuck Mangione, boys and girls cuz I feel so good.

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