I am so tired that I can hardly write. That’s because I lasted til the 14th inning of the marathon between the Cubs and Astros.

I wimped out, set my VCR to catch the end and when I got up to watch the outcome I realized that I didn’t set the timer long enough and missed the winning hit by Matt Murton.

This was my birthday game. I was so glad Novoa wasn’t tagged with the loss cuz it was his birthday as well. No one should lose on their birthday.

Izzy helped his avg by going 4 for 8 but a number of his teammates only went 1 for 8 or so and saw their averages dip.

Loved Clemens’ meltdown in the dugout.

Can a sweep be possible? I honestly expected the Astros to mop up the floor with the Cubs but we’ll see what happens this afternoon. Could go the other way depending on Hill.

When my wife had a birthday two weeks ago we rented a chick flick and I watched it with her as a good husband should (brownie points for the Dr. Phil in me).

Now it was my turn so we watched the game. I didn’t make her stay up tho. What kind of selfish pig would that have made me? Cubs won and that’s all that counts. Now it’s to the shower I go.

Maybe I can wake up.

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