Maybe I just lack vision. Did I miss something? Does Jim Hendry have some sort of plan for 2007? It sure didn’t seem like based on the Cubs deadline trades. Gone are Todd Walker and Greg Maddux. Still with us is, uh, everybody else. The Walker deal was pretty much a way to get Todd out of town as soon as possible. Jose Ceda is still in rookie ball, and unless something drastic takes place, Jim Hendry will likely be gone before Ceda ever sees the big leagues. More puzzling to me is the trade of Maddux for Cesar Izturis. Not that I mind Maddux being traded, but why would the Cubs want a guy who pretty much does the same thing as Neifi, but for more money? Other than the first half of 2005, Izturis has never been much of a hitter, and his career on-base percentage of .295 is putrid. Naturally, Dusty Baker says that he sees Izutris as a natural fit in the no. 2 spot in the batting order. I’m not sure if Dusty meant that, or if he was just pushing the needle a little deeper. It also tells us that the Cubs can’t be too satisfied with Ronny Cedeno since they jumped at the chance to acquire a player who plays the same position as him, but for a lot more money.

I do have one other theory. Jim Hendry is hoarding light-hitting middle infielders for a reason. You see, he’s anticipating that most of the league’s sluggers and power pitchers will be getting suspended for using steroids and HGH once the proper tests are developed. At that time, he’ll be able to field a team of Tony Womack, Cesar Izturis, Ronny Cedeno, Neifi Perez and Augie Ojeda and easily win the pennant. That’s so crazy, it just might work.

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