Now that you know more or less how we at The View From The Bleachers feel about the Maddux trade (ThinkBeforeHating, Joe, is that really you?), letís take a tour around the Cubs universe to see if our views are in or out of touch with the masses.

Listening to the blowout last night (how ironic to field such a spectacle on a day you give away your second most productive starter) Jim Hendry was so self-congratulatory I thought I heard a button or two pop on the air (or was that merely Orlando Hudson hitting another home run?)

Phil Zuber, from A Cub Fanís Obsession, wrote before the trade ìIF Maddux ends up being traded, I will have no hard feelings for Maddux, or for Cubs GM Jim Hendry. If a move is made, its because it was the right thing for both sides. I just hope that if he does get traded, the Cubs keep the door for him to return, either as a pitcher next season if he becomes a free agent, or as a pitching coach in the very near future.î

PB, from Cubbiepalooza, ìI don’t mind seeing Maddux traded. But I don’t understand how Hendry can justify further laying waste to a pitching staff that has seen a near-dozen different pitchers make starts without acquiring a pitcher in return. Has Hendry watched Attack of the Clones a few too many times? The Cubs now have three near-identical players in Izturis, Neifi Perez and Ronny CedeÒo.î

Graham Funk, from Behind the Ivy, Iím afraid of what the Cubs pitching rotation is going to look like now. With all due respect to the Big Z.

Al Yellon, from Bleed Cubbie Blue, Greg Maddux for a younger Neifi Perez or an older Ronny Cedeno. That, my friends, is absolutely pigheadedly stupid. I don’t care if Izturis is the best fielder in baseball history. In a few weeks, you’ll all be ripping him like you rip Ronny or Neifi.

Rob G
, from The Cub Reporter, And letís not forget, that this whole deal was nothing more than an accomodation for Greg Maddux. He wanted to move to a contender, he wanted to stay in the NL and he (reportedly) had the no-trade clause. The fact that we got more than a single-A pitcher with control issues that will never likely see the majors is a plus in my book.

, from Goat Riders, Setting aside for a moment that Hendry apprently turned down a package of high-level prospects before accepting the deal for Cesar (“Apart from that, how did you enjoy the show, Mrs. Lincoln?”), the Cubs lose almost nothing here, and gain a young shortstop who has shown flashes of talent in the not-too-distant past. What’s not to like? The Cubs got pretty much jobbed by Ned Colletti, but the only thing worse than that would have been hanging on to Maddux until the end of the season. At least Hendry got something, and Maddux gets a chance to salvage his last season, playing in a pitchers park with a half-decent team beind him. Yay?

Chuck, from Ivy Chat, We also see that the Dodgers get $2mm from the Cubs in the trade. Couln’t the Cubs have sent some MORE money over and gotten a GOOD player back? At least Greg doesn’t have to see this anymore. He didn’t deserve this crap. Todd Walker, he did deserve to be a part of this. If there’s a real winner today, it’s Todd.

Now, a couple from the Dodger Faithful

John Hill
from Dodger Hill, The Dodgers get Maddux and two million dollars and lose Izturis and his status as overpaid supersub (Iím assuming that the Cubs are picking up Izzyís tab). Thatís good move. However, Maddux is not going to be the savior.

Jon Weisman
, Dodger Thoughts, What’s remarkable about this trade is that as recently as a year or two ago, it might have been considered a major move. Today, as familiar as the names are, it’s mainly a trade of two mediocrities.

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