Time to hold your breath, a little over three hours to go. Some positive mojo in the Tribune – they indicated that the Cubs brass might be reluctant to trade Greg because they envisage a role for him in the club after his playing days. Now we’re talkin’! There’s no doubt in my mind that Maddux will make a fine pitching coach and probably a good manager one day.

In other news, Houston’s owner as ordered their GM to trade Brad Lidge; ostensibly their plan is to let Dan Wheeler close. Methinks it might make sense to make a run for Lidge, I would gladly give up a Brian Dopirak or a Ryan Harvey, or a couple of Jerome Williamses and Ryan O’Malleys to get him. I’m sure some folks aren’t gonna agree with shedding Harvey or Dopirak (they’re both young) but both will have two consecutive years where they didn’t progress. I’m sorry but we don’t need any more strikeout machines, I can provide a whole list of players that were drafted after these guys that have done much better.

Update: The Cubs have traded Todd Walker for eighteen year-old Dominican reliever Jose Ceda. He is 6-4 and has 31 strikeouts in 23 IP in the Arizona Rookie League. He is a power pitcher and projects out 3-4 years if he has anything.

Rotoworld also reports that Greg Maddux has been traded to the Dodgers for Cesar Izturis. I would like to meet Jim Hendry in person so could tell him to “be fruitful and multiply.” But not in those words.

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