Today’s loss makes about the ninth time this year that the Cubs have been swept; one of those was a four game sweep. That means that thirty-one of the Cubs’ sixty losses came when they were totally out-matched by their opponent – they couldn’t even salvage one victory. Excluding two game series, the Cubs have been swept in nine of twenty-nine series, or thirty-one percent of ’em. Almost a third of the time.

Lose lose lose. Or lose lose lose lose. Take yer pick, you have to have a strong degree of intestinal fortitude AND be a loyal fan to watch all these games and still hang in there. This team lacks in so many facets of the game. Sure they’ve been hurt. They were hurt in 2004 and 2005 too. Why do the Cubs consistently have injuries? Is it that they are not shedding injury-prone players? Are they unlucky or do they do a poor job of conditioning their athletes? Methinks all three of those scenarios are correct.

Why is it that every Cub team for at least the last four years has made fundamental mistakes on the field? I know it’s not from playing too many rookies, although some of this year’s rookies have contributed more than their fair share of bonehead plays. If I lived in Chicago I’d be tempted to go out to the ballpark early and see if this team ever does fielding practice or stretching exercises. And let’s face it, the 2006 Cubs can’t hit their way out of a wet paper bag.

Most of us concede that the leadership is very, very bad. Hendry looks like a knuckle-dragging cretin after the last trade – I can just imagine Jim waking up after a bad hangover and saying: “Trade? What trade?” Everybody seems to be looking for quality relievers but the best that our GM could get for Williamson was another team’s 16th and 19th-best prospects, both of whom have high ERAs and tons of walks. I’m scared to imagine what he will trade guys like Walker and Nevin for.

Today’s loss puts the Cubs back on track for one hundred losses. I am really looking forward to September of 2008, November too for that matter.

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