I’m not going to denigrate this site putting Shea Hillenbrand’s picture on it. Nor am I going to attempt to explain his reasons for what he did. Two short years ago we watched Sammy Sosa commit the ultimate act of Cubs treachery on Fan Appreciation Day. But Sammy’s actions pale to insignificance compared to what Shea did.

Mind you I don’t mind the actions that Toronto’s manager took – there’s no excuse for a player doing what Hillenbrand is alleged to have done. Rather, I fault Toronto for not handling the problem right – when you have a real attitude problem like this guy you have to do what the Angels did with Guillen. Suspend him for the rest of the year and show some backbone. Lay the smack down!

The Cubs aren’t stupid enough to trade for this clown and hopefully other teams will use some common sense too. Hillenbrand is another Jon Rocker, he’s just stupid in another way. Baseball will be better off without him.

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