Mastrick is dead on — this team must be ripped apart. The smartest thing to do would be to smear the roster in ground beef and throw it to the wolves, so that its shredded remains would have nary a recognizable name on it when they tire of playing with it.
These next 2 odd weeks should be treated as auditions for all tradeable players. Put Neifi, Mabry, Blanco, and all the other turds in the lineup every day. Let the rest of the league see them. On second thought, hide Neifi and put him in a plain brown wrapper when you ship him off. A good GM would be as embarrassed about receiving Neifi in a trade as he would be about getting porn in the mail.
So here’s my starting 8 for the rest of the season, featuring all moveable players:

C Blanco
1B Nevin
2B Walker
SS Perez
3B Ramirez (Yeah, I’d trade him)
LF Mabry
CF Pierre
RF Jones

The only players with any measurable value are Ramirez and Jones; the rest I’d take what I could get. Seems like someone would be willing to get fleeced for Pierre, and Todd, Neifi, Hank White, and Mabry are in the Larry Andersen category; perhaps we can get lucky and score a Jeff Bagwell. Take the heavy contracts, like Eyre, Howry, and Jones — and assume a heavy share of the burden. Money ain’t the problem; you want to get something in return.

Starting Rotation:
Maddux Rusch, (The rest are untouchable–Z–or available only in ripoff trades– Marshall, Marmol)

Dempster, Eyre, Howry, Novoa, Ohman, Williamson

The list of teams in contention is as follows:
Boston, New York Yanks, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Minnesota, Oakland, LA Angels, Texas, Seattle, NY Mets, St. Louis, Houston, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, San Diego, LA Dodgers, Arizona, Colorado, Atlanta

If I’m Hendry, I’m calling each of these teams 3 times a day each to ask if they need spare parts.
Their objective should be to have these fartbags unloaded by 7/31. at 35-56, Ryan Theriot and company can man the big league club with no worse chance to win. I’d rather play with this:

C Barrett, Geovany Soto
1B Lee, somebody to rest Lee
2B Theriot, Mike Fontenot
SS Cedeno, some other turd
3B Scott Moore, Casey Mcgehee
LF Murton, Restovich
RF Pagan, Buck Coats
SP Z, Marshall, Marmol, Guzman, Hill, Williams
RP Aardsma, Wuertz, Ligtenberg, Walrond, Emanuel, and just because of the name, Rocky Cherry.
And have the farm system filled with a few fresh faces.

That’s a crap ball club. But at this point all we have to do is go win 8 more games to avoid being the worst team in MLB history. Lee, Barrett, and Z alone could do that. Tell the rest of these floaters that they’ll have to play their hearts out for the rest of the year if they want to see the major leagues ever again; maybe their enthusiasm and energy will make the team more watchable.

The core of your championship run 3-5 years down the road is who I would keep: Barrett, Lee, and Z. Lee will be at the end of his productive cycle, Barrett will still be able to hit, and Z will be dominant. Sell them — and pay them accordingly– on their importance in that plan, and show your commitment to this plan by dumping everyone else and getting guys who will be helpful 3-5 years down the road.

The time to act is now, Jim Hendry! Do it, or we shall float, rudderless, beyond the 100 year anniversary of our last world series victory with no end to the misery in sight! If you act now, the of winning by year 101 or 102 goes from NONE to VERY SMALL. And that’s a change that’s very big, in my eyes.

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