I’ve had it with ’em, they have no spirit, from top to bottom. Collectively they are losers. If the players on this team had pride they would perform better – they don’t. Hopefully they will turn this roster over from top to bottom. A losing attitude is contagious, just like a winning attitude.

Jokers like MacFail, Hendry and Baker certainly need to go , but the guys on the field don’t get the job done either. I’m ready for a fire sale. This team as presently constituted sucks and guess what – there’s little help coming from the minors. Most of our top draft picks appear headed toward obscurity or are already there. Ever hear of Jayson Peterson or Todd Noel?

It’s time for a total rebuild, Florida-style – the cancer must be eliminated. When you have a team that’s this bad you have to do what Detroit did – purge and rebuild. But first we need to get a top-notch GM and field manager.

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