Today is March first and to date I have only heard of Prior throwing once, that being fifteen pitches last Friday. I just spent about ten minutes downloading Spring Training pictures from – Kerry Wood is all over them but there were only two of Prior. So I wonder what the real deal is – Prior says he’s healthy but I sure don’t see him practicing. Anybody heard of reports that Prior is doing anything except the towel drill?

The Cubbies won their Cactus League opener powered by the pitching of Carlos Zambrano and some very effective smallball. Included were a bunt basehit by Pierre and RBIs by Hairston, Lee, Pie and Ramirez. Michael Wuertz got the win when pinch-runner Angel Pagan scored on a fielder’s choice by Jose Reyes. Cubs pitcher Brian Corey gave up all seven Oakland runs; what is it with the Cubs and that name?

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