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Why is this so hard?

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

I’ve been saying for awhile that Todd Walker should be our second baseman. Everyone harps on his defense, which is fine. Sure, he doesn’t turn a great double play, and he doesn’t get to as many balls as Neifi. But, when the balls comes his way, he makes the play. In addition, he hits lefthanded and has a dramatically better ability to get on base when compared to Perez.

The Zoner talks a little about this situation on his site today. Here is a highlight and possible solution which seems easy enough, but for Dusty, nothing is this simple.

I got a sawbuck says Neifi Perez comes out on top of this. And that would be the worst possible scenario. Here’s a novel idea: Play Walker for 7 innings and then bring in a defensive replacement. There…was that so hard?

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GQ Article

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

GQ, a popular magazine that is designed to be for guys, though i’ve never met one who reads it, has released it’s top 10 list of hated atheletes in sports. It can be read here.

What I’d like you to chime in on is what your top 3 list is for “Most Hated Current Baseball Players” Who are the guys that just boil your blood. Why do you hate them so much? I’ll chime in with my official list tomorrow.

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