As I was talking to Joe last night on the phone, I gave him a heads up. This season, the gloves come off as far as Kerry Wood is concerned. For some inexplicable reason, he seems to get a pass by Cub bloggers. There will be one villifying article after another with regards to Neifi, Corey and Jose (Macias.) but Kerry? Nary a peep.
Wood close-up smiling

But for my money (I mean the Tribís) there should be more scrutiny, more introspection and more expected. The production just isnít there and hasnít been for some time. Now comes word that Wood will probably miss the first two weeks of the season. Iíd be surprised to see him pitch before May Day.

So, the rest of you, have a field day ripping Neifi at every whim. His paycheck pales in comparison to the ìaceî of this staff. Did I say ace? According to Pat Hughes, thatís exactly what Kerry Wood is. Just listen to his interview with Joe. The first two or three minutes in he says it. Prior is second, Zambrano third.

Howís your partner’s Kool-Aid, Mr. Play-by-Play man?

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