As we sit and ponder what moves Jim Hendry has left in his bag of improvements for next year, I would like to call your attention to a few media sources that had me pondering. Sometimes it is very frustrating to have to sit and wait for moves to be made. I wish there was a system in place where GM’s had two weeks and then all moves had to be done. If not, they had to wait until opening day. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, maybe not for bloggers and columnists who struggle as it is to find a good story in the offseason, but for a fan, that would be two of the most exciting weeks in all of sports. Since we don’t live in that world, here are the media sources I found interesting. See what you think about them.

Among other outfielders on the Cubs’ radar screen are the Mets’ left-handed Cliff Floyd (who may not be available), Twins free agent Jacque Jones (who isn’t a priority), the Dodgers’ switch-hitting Milton Bradley (a fallback) and such right-handers as the Rangers’ Kevin Mench (a real possibility) and Reds’ Austin Kearns (who may not be available).

The Cubs also could wait until Dec. 20 when young players, such as Patterson, could be non-tendered by their team.

Then, I am cruising the stories today and find:

The Diamondbacks’ pursuit of a centerfielder has brought them full circle – once more, they are trying to land Chicago’s Corey Patterson. Last season after the trade deadline had passed, Arizona put a claim in on Patterson after the Cubs had tried to slip him through waivers. The Cubs pulled the offer back

So it seems to me that this “deal” may have to happen by the 20th of December or Patterson will be non-tendered. If the first article is a tipoff, then the Cubs are planning on doing just that on December 20th. If that’s the case, Arizona knows it and will not give much at all for Patterson. Why should they? They almost had him for free last year and can have him for free this year. Hendry seems to have set himself up for failure on this one. Personally, and I know i’m one of the few, but i’d like to see us give Corey one more shot with this team, IF we can add a big bat like Tejada for the lineup. If that happened, Corey could play RF.

What WILL happen!!! – Jim Hendry will pursue this, be laughed at by Arizona for trying to be shrewd with a player he plans on releasing and will end up getting nothing in return for Corey Patterson come Dec. 20th.

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