Lots of “juicy” Cub and ex-Cub news this morning. Let’s see what’s cookin.


The Good
Congratulations to Greg Maddux and Derreck Lee who each picked up another Gold Glove for their stellar defense in 2005. For Mad Dog, itís his 15th, a National League record and one shy of Jim Kaatís 16 in the AL. For Lee, itís his 2nd. His other one was earned in 2003 with Florida.

The Bad
Sammy Sosa is a man without a team and you just have to wonder who in their right mind would have this pariah on their squad? Kudos to Stephen A. Smith for ragging on Hip-Hop Sammy Wednesday on his show, Quite Frankly. In Smithís mind, Sosa lost a lot of respect on March 17th when the ordinarily articulate Dominican suddenly needed an interpreter. Rope-a-Dope hasnít been executed so adroitly since Ali himself. When did Sammyís slide toward the bottom begin? About the time MLB started making players pee in a cup. Coincidence? Hmmm, I wonder.

The Ugly
Speaking of the Juice, ex-Cub Matt Lawton has been busted for using. Jody Gerut, we should have kept you.

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