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A succinct summary of how the Cubs can score more runs

Sunday, June 26th, 2005

From the Trib:

Leadoff blues

Entering Saturday’s games, Neifi Perez had the lowest on-base percentage as a leadoff man in the National League at .264, while Patterson was second worst at .277. Jerry Hairston ranked fourth from the top at .380.

“My whole theory is you can’t steal first base,” Walker said. “I’m not going to steal bases, but ultimately you have to get on. Let’s face it, what difference does it make if you’re stealing second when Derrek Lee is hitting like he isóhome runs and doubles.”

But Baker doesn’t seem interested in letting Walker move up.

Walker for player-manager!

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Chicago Cubs Over/Under

Sunday, June 26th, 2005

Ok guys, here is the game. I don’t expect a lot of participation today, but for future games like this, I think it will be a lot better. In case you’ve never watched PTI on ESPN, they play a game once a week called over/under. Well, we have our own version of over/under and I would like the readers to play. Here is how it works, I will give you some topics, and you will give some feedback on if you want to take the OVER or the UNDER. In case you don’t know what that means, if you take the under, it means you think that it will be under the number I give. You’ll catch on in a second. Leave your bets in the comment section along with a rationale if you’d like.

Here we go

1. OVER/UNDER – 6 innings of work today for Mark Prior

2. OVER/UNDER – 2 K’s for Corey Patterson today

3. OVER/UNDER – 2.5 hits for Derrek Lee today

So that’s the big three today. Post your over unders before gametime and we’ll see what happens.

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Up All Night Baseball Marathon

Saturday, June 25th, 2005

Sports Talk Cleveland is holding their annual “Life’s a Pitch” Up All Night Marathon, which I was able to participate in last year. I am also fortunate to be participating again this year. So, if you would like to listen to the marathon, here is the link. Just go there and click listen live.

I will be on at 10:30pm EST tonight for about a half hour. Here is the complete schedule in case you’re interested.

5:00 PM: Coverage of the Angels/Dodgers interleague series with correspondents Jeff Howe and John Hill

5:30 PM: Interview with Cleveland Indians infielder Alex Cora

6:30 PM: Coverage of Red Sox and Cardinal seasons the year after their World Series matchup with correspondents Dave Cohen and Scott Humphries

10:00 PM: Coverage of the Yankees/Mets interleague series with correspondents Brian MacMillen and Shari Forst

10:30 PM: Coverage of the White Sox/Cubs interleague series with correspondent Joe Aiello

1:00 AM: Examination of fantasy baseball and sabermetrics with lead contributor Ray Flowers

1:30 AM: Debates about the best players in baseball by position: infielders

2:00 AM: Debates about the best players in baseball by position: catchers and outfielders

2:30 AM: Debates about the best players in baseball by position: designated hitters, closers and middle relievers with a bonus segment on managers

3:00 AM: Roundtable debate about the next generation of mainstream heroes/good guys in baseball

4:00 AM: Roundtable debate about proposed improvements for the future of Major League Baseball

4:30 AM: Classic baseball broadcasting calls

5:00 AM: Debates about the best players in baseball by position: lefthanded pitchers

5:30 AM: Debates about the best players in baseball by position: righthanded pitchers

6:00 AM: Interview with Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) Executive Director John Zajc

6:30 AM: Interview with baseball author and historian Bruce Markusen

7:00 AM: Feature about youth baseball coaching with personalities and baseball coaches Ken Detwiler and Dave Adams

7:30 AM: Coverage of the Cleveland Indians season with Cleveland Indians Report blogger Joe Ptak

8:00 AM: Feature about baseball wagering with and analyst Nathan Noy

8:30 AM: Feature about classic fantasy baseball with and analyst Nathan Noy

9:00 AM: Debates about the best players in baseball by position: the finals at every position

10:00 AM: Bonus segment: Interview with Hall of Fame Broadcaster Ernie Harwell

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Friday, June 24th, 2005

Well, didn’t make it before game time but here it is. I just do what I’m told.


I don’t know if you’re still around, but I was wondering if you would
post a short item pointing your readers to a little chat that Joe and I had last night about the Cubs-Sox series. I’d greatly appreciate it, especially if it could go up before today’s game starts.

Vince Galloro
Exile in Wrigleyville at
Part of the Most Valuable Network

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Thru Cub Eyes: Jody Davis

Friday, June 24th, 2005

I can still hear the crowd chanting, 40,000 voices in unison; “Jo-dee, Jo-dee, Jo-dee.” He was one of the Cubsí most popular players in the mid 80ís. And Harryís parody of the Davy Crockett song didnít hurt, either. This excerpt is from Carrie Muskatís compilation Banks to Sandberg to Grace. Look for it. Makes a great gift for that special Cub fan in your life!


Honestly, the day games never bothered me. When I came out of the minor leagues, I came up with Chicago, so as a rookie, you just got used to it and thatís the way it was. In the eight years here, I never even thought about itÖ. In fact, I kind of liked them when I was here. I would rather get up and go to play. Thatís the mind-set that I had.

The thing I remember the most about í84 was the way the whole 25-man team came together. There was nobody who had an attitude, there was nobody out there playing for themselves. It was 25 guys trying to win a game every day.

I couldnít say a favorite pitcher. Sut was so good in í84. as a team, we pretty much knew we were going to win that day. There were so many individual moments of the í84 season and it was always somebody different. It was Sandbergís home runs off Sutter, and Sutcliffe wins 16 in a row, and Gary Matthews, the things he did and Bob Dernier. Every day it was somebody different. When we got in losing streaks late in the season there, Steve Trout came up and won nearly every game he pitched.

I heard ëem [chanting]. Thereís no way to not hear that. You canít imagine. It was great. It definitely got me fired up. Youíve got to relate to a crowd. When you get in a situation in a game, your concentration has to be at its highest level.

The one grand slam I hit, they were walking Ron Cey intentionally ahead of me and they were chanting it while Ron Cey was still hitting. You got to hear that ñ youíre on deck. It was just unbelievable.

I grew up 50 miles from Atlanta and the Braves and played two years for them, and still to this day Iíve never felt I was a Brave. I guess Iíll go down as a Cub.

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