Today I just happened to run into an article written by Teddy Greenstein. It compares Santo and Huges to Rooney and Farmer and gives a split screen of the calling the game. Here is a snip of the article. Be sure to click the link and the end and read the whole thing. Then, let those comments fly on your opinions of Pat and Ron or John Rooney and Ed Farmer.

It’s difficult to spell a lot of what comes out of Ron Santo’s mouth. How exactly do you represent the sound of a groan? Is it “awwwww” or “arghhhhhh” or “ohhhhh”? Or does it deserve to go in capital letters? It’s easy, though, to translate Santo into winning and losing. His words—and his sounds—don’t even matter. It’s all tone and volume. You don’t even need to hear a score to know whether the Cubs are on top. That’s the beauty of Santo. But the flip side can be a bewildering lack of preparation. In the sixth inning of Sunday’s game, Santo asked partner Pat Hughes, “Did [the Sox] have [Tadahito] Iguchi last year?” The question makes you shake your head. Then you remember that Santo is one of a kind. As always, Hughes provided a perfect yin to Santo’s yang.

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