As I watched my favorite pitcher on the staff throw exactly half of his pitches out of the strikezone, I was frustrated at the lack of consistency, but felt OK with the lead in hand. I usually hate bashing a guy after one bad outing so I won’t do that for Wood. He’ll settle down and get in the groove. I don’t expect much from the starters the first time out. Once it comes around again, I expect adjustments to have been made.

Someone I do expect big things from is Hawkins. I was excited when we signed him and I am excited that we still have him. I just don’t want him as my closer. However, seeing that he’s the option right now, I have officially anointed him as the King of the Closers. Maybe he just needs a few more people to believe in him. Maybe he’ll see his picture on my site and feel special when he sees his beautiful crown. Maybe that good feeling will be the push he needs to succeed in the 9th inning and lead us to the world series. Maybe this site will go national and be picked up by ESPN. Or maybe we’ll just grin and Barrett until average Joe comes back and takes over. Until then, ALL HAIL KING LATROY!!!!!

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