www.Fantasybaseball.com, “The Official Website for Fantasy Baseball”, covers all angles of the fantasy game including: draft strategies, player profiles and statistical analysis with daily updates on the state of the game. The site also offers a wide variety of writers from all over the country who deal with injury reports, player and team profiles and historical comparisons.

Another aspect of the site that sets it apart from all other websites is the section entitled: Fantasy University. Fantasy U is actually a series of over 20 articles that explain everything that goes into the fantasy game. There are Freshman courses for those of you who are new to the game (explaining things like how to figure out batting average), to Soph/Jr. classes which break down some of the strategies used to succeed in fantasy baseball, all the way up to Senior and Graduate level courses which to speak to the complexities of the game including things like sabermetric analysis.

The FB site has also tried to put together a large array of tools that the fantasy gamer will find useful including draft boards, draft strategies, player projections and weekly updates on Who’s Hot and Who’s Not (all put together by the expert staff).

In addition don’t forget to check out the Forum section where fans can voice their opinions on current stories or issues that are making the rounds in the fantasy world.

Review written by Ray Flowers
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