Over the past few days, MLB has been announcing it’s yearly awards. There has been much talk about the robbery that occured to Randy Johnson. People everywhere are saying how poorly the voting was. I don’t mean to take anything away from the Big Unit, but there is another unjust vote that was far more cruel and hurtful. It occured at the end of the 2005 season in our Sim Baseball league, ISL. I run the Anaheim Angels and I had a player named Joe Thurston as my 2b for the year. Thurston was amazing as a Rookie. He made the All Star game, almost won the batting title, and was a huge playmaker for a team that won the AL West. When it came time for the game to pick the awards, I all but made my acceptance speech when I was informed that Thurston lost out on the award to NY Yankees outfielder, Bubba Crosby. Here are the numbers. You tell me Thurston did not have a better season.

Games Played
Thurston – 156
Crosby – 148

At Bats
Thurston – 640
Crosby – 550

Thurston – 227
Crosby – 165

Thurston – 34
Crosby – 28

Thurston – 11
Crosby – 6

Thurston – 19
Crosby – 12

Thurston – 84
Crosby – 76

Thurston – 132
Crosby – 94

Thurston – 49
Crosby – 52

Thurston – 64
Crosby – 84

Batting Avg
Thurston – .355
Crosby – .300

On Base %
Thurston – .398
Crosby – .358

Slugging %
Thurston – .531
Crosby – .438

Thurston – .930
Crosby – .796

Stolen Bases
Thurston – 109
Crosby – 52

Runs Created per 27 outs
Thurston – 8.7
Crosby – 6.1

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