Top 9th B:1 S: 3 O: 1

Derrek Lee strikes out swinging.

Top 9th B:2 S: 3 O: 2

Todd Walker strikes out swinging.

Top 9th B:2 S: 1 O: 2

Paul Bako singles on a line drive to shortstop Royce Clayton.

Top 9th B:0 S: 0 O: 2

Glendon Rusch doubles (1) on a line drive to center fielder Jeromy Burnitz. Paul Bako scores.

Top 9th B:4 S: 2 O: 2

Corey Patterson walks.

Top 9th B:2 S: 2 O: 3

Nomar Garciaparra pops out to second baseman Aaron Miles.

So let me get this straight. Lee, Walker, and Garciaparra look helpless, but in between Bako singles and Rusch drives him in with a double? Then Corey Patterson walks?

Next up…O.J. Simpson stabbed by enraged wife!


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