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I am pleased.

Saturday, July 31st, 2004

The Cubs have Garciaparra. My quick-posting colleague Joe has already sorted out the trade, but I am very happy about this.

I don’t care if we keep him long term. I don’t care if Francis Beltran turns into Eric Gagne, or if Justin Jones becomes Walter Johnson. All I care about is that Hendry made the deal I was hoping for instead of trading for Orlando Cabrera.



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The Nomar deal

Saturday, July 31st, 2004

Ok, here is the official deal. Hang with me, because it’s confusing.

The Cubs get:
Nomar Garciaparra – SS
Matt Murton – OF

Boston gets:
Orlando Carbrera – SS
Doug Mientkiewicz – 1B

Montreal gets:
Alex Gonzalez – SS
Brendon Harris – 3b
Francis Beltran – RP

Minnesota gets:
Justin Jones – SP

I will post my reactions on this unbelievable deal later tonight. Right now I am still in shock.


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Saturday, July 31st, 2004

We got NOMAR. I can’t believe it


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For Nomar I give thee…

Friday, July 30th, 2004

Assuming there is a possibility of getting a shortstop who could hit, I would give up any or all of the following:



Clement (regrettably)


Bobbie Brownlie (yes, Bobbie Brownlie. That’d seal the deal).

Macias (Take my scrub, please!)

The entire sportswriting staff of the Trib.

-Lake Shore Drive.

The Wisconsin Border (they would be suckers, but who knows…)

Mayor Daley-any cement chunks which fall from Wrigley through 2008 (I’m sure Fenway could use some cement chunks somewhere)

Oneri Fleita

-Dave Groeschner, Head Trainer

Tom Hellmann, Clubhouse Manager (doesn’t Yosh Kawano have any grandchildren?)

Skip Caray

Sharon Panozzo

-Dick Pole (I’m sure you can imagine your own picture)

Wendell Kim

-if the Sox are entertaining thoughts of picking up Rey O-for-4-donez, advice to the contrary.


-Dr. Tightpants


ten thousand chicago style hot dogs

PLEASE make the deal, Jim! We need help and we’re STOCKED with good young pitchers! They’re not doing anything to help us win THIS year, and there’s nothing more unpredictable than a minor league pitcher, so pull the trigger!


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A much needed win

Thursday, July 29th, 2004

Before the game today, I was talking to Kurt from Cub Fan Nation on AIM and I mentioned how I had a feeling Big Z would be cash money in todays game. I am happy to say I was right. He had been making me a little nervous of late, with his lack of wins and emotional breakdowns. He proved to me that he is gonna be just fine down the stretch. When he got into some early trouble in the first, I almost gave up on the game. When the Cubs aren’t scoring, it’s hard to watch when they go down more than about 2 runs. Zambrano was up to the task, and proceed to get out of the inning untouched.

It was nice to see the Cubs continue to put a few runs on the board with hitting other than homers. Todd Walker’s timely double today makes me want him in the lineup everyday all the more. Why is this even a question? He’s our second baseman next year so why not give him the job now? It’s not really the time for a platoon that does nothing more than keep both guys from getting into a rhythm. Choose one and stick with him. We’re in a serious race here and we need someone who is going to get in a groove.

Nomar Rumors

I am not really going to comment, because every other place you read has already analyzed this to death. Nothing seems to be certain, so here are my only thoughts. If the Red Sox will really give us Garciapara for Clement, Mitre, and Gonzalez, we would be fools not to take it. Will it happen? Probably not.


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