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Time vs. Curiosity, or, How I re-installed my OS and all software without ever knowing what was wrong

Saturday, May 29th, 2004

Last week my computer locked up and, after a fair amount of research, I determined that I needed to re-install my OS. The fun part was that I’m still not sure why I needed to do so; I know just enough about computers to know it had to be done but not enough to explain why.

Other time constraints made devoting a lot of time to this problem difficult, but last night at about 3:15 a.m. I restored the system to the state it was in before the mystery problem occurred. Now I’m back in action.

My first action in my return is to apologize for there being no Friday Five. All of the time I’ve been able to devote to this blog was eaten up by restoring my PC, so I wasn’t able to coordinate with Joe. I usually try to slack off at work and devote some time to the site, but next week is our “Celebration of Achievement,” which, when you’re working at a grant-funded adult education center, is the only time of year that the students get acknowledged for their voluntary hard work, becomes pretty important.

My next, and much more important, action is to voice my anger about the last four games the Cubs have played. Getting swept in a doubleheader by the Sucs on the heels of a two-game sweep by the Laugh-stros made my shoulders sag.

It made me think about where we are in the season. This weekend I’m going to post an individual and team evaluation in order to see if 25-22 is what we can expect, or if the Cubs are playing above or below their ability level. Later in the week I’ll get into the other teams in the division.

My gut feeling (and I’ll see if the numbers bear this out this weekend) is that, despite the injuries, the Cubs’ season has been disappointing considering how much money they’re spending, but probably appropriate given their offensive philosophy.

One thing I’m worried about is that, given the last four games and the fact that about 40 percent of the roster is on the DL, under Jim Riggleman the Cubs would give up. Baker is supposed to be a guy who makes his bench believe they’re very useful so they can contribute when needed, and he is supposed to be a guy who makes teams in general believe in their own abilities. It seems to me like the ultimate test of that reputation is how the team performs when a significant portion of the team is injured.

So far, Baker’s boys have failed, due in no small part to the type of players Baker prefers — guys with low secondary averages.


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Gone for the weekend

Friday, May 28th, 2004

I probably won’t get a chance to write anything over the weekend. I will be gone. The Friday Five will be appearing in full on Monday morning. Sorry.


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You All Make Me Sick!!!!

Wednesday, May 26th, 2004

What does it mean to be a true fan of a team? Does it mean that you know all about the players and try to watch as many games as you can? Does it mean that you follow the team from city to city to catch some road games in addition to the home games you go to? Does it mean buy TV packages or radio packages so you can follow your team wherever you live? I’m not sure if being a true fan of your team includes any or all of these things. One thing I feel it does mean is to stick with your team and not give up on them a month and a half into the season. Lately, all I have read about or watched on TV is people saying how they are packing in the season. It’s over, lets give up now because the team is going down the toilet. Normally it is the easily swayed, Uncouth Sloth that feels this way, but this year, our first wimp of the year is Aisle 528. Well, if you’re “officially giving up on the season, as of today”, quit writing this year so we don’t have to waste our time reading it. What in the world is the matter with you people? Are you Cubs fans or are you fans because it’s “the thing” to do. I’m sick of this. Either get on the bandwagon at the beginning and stay on all year or don’t get on in the first place. I hate driving long distances and having a million people all needing us to stop and let them off cause they have to go to the bathroom. Hold it until it’s time. Same thing for you Cubs fans. If you’re gonna get on the wagon, stay on cause we’re sick of stopping every five games to let one of your butts off each time.

The fact of the matter is this. The Cubs play in one of the most difficult divisions in baseball. I personally think it is the second best behind the AL east. Right now, they are walking wounded. It seems as if every player is getting hurt. However, to give up on the season when not one of these injuries are going to keep the guys out longer than July is stupid. Sammy will be back soon. Also, he was out a lot last year and we did fine. Prior will be back in a week or so. He was also out last year and we did fine. Wood will be back in a few weeks. Alex Gonzalez is out. Big deal. Ramon Martinez can hit .230 just as good as Gonzalez can. No loss there. Grudzielanek is out. So what!!! Todd Walker is a better player anyways. Todd Wellemeyer is hurt. So what, we can bring up someone from the minors to come out of the pen and pitch maybe 15 innings before Wellemeyer gets back.

It’s decision time Cubs fans. Are you on or are you off. Decide now and stick to your guns. Please tell me which way you are going. I need to know before the bandwagon pulls out of the parking lot whether or not you’ll be aboard. There’s plenty of room, but only for people who truly believe in this team. If not, have fun regretting your decision come October.


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Any Requests?

Wednesday, May 26th, 2004

Please leave your requests for the Friday Five in the comment section. We would like to make sure we are covering this that interest the readers so please make some suggestions.


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So tired

Monday, May 24th, 2004

I am so sleepy, but I feel like I owe it to the readers to get something new cranked out each day. There is not much to say on an off day. As you all probably know by now, Wood is out for a few weeks. I say, no problem. The great Sergio Mitre will fill his space. Oh wait, he’s already filling in for Prior. Maybe this will be Jaun Cruz’s big chance. Oh wait, we traded him for crap. Well then, I guess we’ll have to deal with a rotation that includes Mitre and Glendon “I only date big booty hoes” Rusch. It’s funny how we get so spoiled now that we have a starting 5 for the ages. It will be nice when we can finally trot them all out there one after another. Those days are coming soon my friends.

I am pretty pumped about the game tonight on WGN. Not only do we face the Astros, but we have Zambrano, who has been our ACE this year against their opening day starter, Roy Oswalt. I predict a very low scoring game, despite the fact that the game is in a very good hitter’s park. I predict a hard fought Cub victory. Final Score: Cubs 4 Astros 3

Best Blog 2004 (Non-Cubs version)

Alright, last Thanksgiving, I ran a “competition” called The Best Blog 2003. Well, I have decided to do this again for non Cubs blogs. I think it’s always a good time to read what bloggers around baseball have to say about their team. No matter where you go, fans are passionate about their team. Even fans of such horrible teams like the poor Devil Rays and Tigers. This should be another fun time. Really, the whole point of this thing, in my opinion is to give some props to our writers who do a great time following their team. Right now, I am compiling a list of blogs from around the Major leagues who I feel are worthy to be in this competition. I would say that the competition should be starting in the next week or so. Also, in November, just like last year, The Cubs version will return. Will the Northside Lounge repeat as champions or will blogs like The Uncouth Sloth, Cubs Now, etc give them some competition?


Finally, on a sad note, an authority on the business side of baseball, Doug Pappas passed away. Doug maintained a blog, which was read by 1500 people per day. Give it a look. Doug was a very smart man and will be missed. One of the coolest things on his site was some pictures from various major league ballparks he has visited. Check it out here.


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