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Pirates come back for seconds

Wednesday, April 21st, 2004

Cubs – 12 vs. Pirates – 1

So I guess one time wasn’t enough for the poor buckos. They decided that a second helping of butt kicking would be nice. So, the Cubs happily opened up another can for them. I wasn’t able to see the game tonight because it wasn’t on WGN, but I was listening on MLB radio. I knew it was over when we got the first inning over with. We just couldn’t stop. At one point, I actually thought we may go through the order twice in one inning. That would have ruled. I am sure some other team has done it in the past, but I have never seen it.

I did feel bad for Josh Fogg. He just got rocked. The poor guy didn’t even get a batter out. Nothing will kill your ERA more than that. His ERA has skyrocketed to 17.00. On top of all that, he has to wait 5 days before another shot. That’s gotta suck.

The Cubs have just been plain awesome and it is gonna just keep on getting better. 4 more wins to come for my prediction to come true. I have no worries about this season at all.

Player of the Game

Can it really be anyone other than Corey Patterson? The guy had 5 hits in one game. That’s just awesome. I think that will be a huge lift for him. He’s now hitting over .300 and hopefully will continue the hot hitting.


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Pick to Click – 4/21/04

Wednesday, April 21st, 2004

Joe – Corey Patterson

Dave – Moises Alou

D-Trick – Sammy Sosa

Shaun – Sammy Sosa

Gauncous – Aramis Ramirez

James – Derrek Lee

This is the only way it should be.


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What does it feel like to get destroyed?

Tuesday, April 20th, 2004

Cubs – 9 vs. Pirates – 1

If you wanna know the answer to that question, just ask the members of the Pirate ballclub. You have the choice of asking them tonight after a 9-1 Cub win or you can ask them on Thursday night after they get swept at home by the Cubbies. You take your choice. I predicted yesterday that the Cubs would sweep the Pirates and the Mets. So far I am still good on that. 5 games to go.

The Cubs had this game from the very beginning, putting up 4 runs in the first inning and never looking back. It’s hard not to be optimistic when you have Big Z on the mound and a 4 run lead. Zambrano went 8 strong innings and lowered his season ERA to 1.29. That’s pretty sweet considering we are without Prior and the Maddux we have doesn’t seem to be what we paid for. Part of me wonders if the Braves may have kept Greg and gave us an imposter.

All in all, I am starting to get excited about this team. Granted we are beating some easy teams, but I think we’re pulling it together and will be ready when we face St. Louis. I was excited to see Dusty pull Zambrano after the 8th inning. There is no need to trot him out there for the ninth when he has already thrown 110 pitches. Hopefully no one will complain about that amount. If they do, they’re idiots.

Player of the Game

I have to say that when I saw someone actually picked Alex Gonzalez today for the contest, I almost thought it was a joke. Now, I wish I would have had the guts to pick ole Alex. He made us proud today and earned some of that money we’re paying him. Not only did he hit a HR, which he has been known to do from time to time, but he also added a double and 4 RBI’s. Way to go kid!!!


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Cubs like this song

Tuesday, April 20th, 2004

It’s the top of the 5th inning and the Cubs have scored 8 runs off of Pirates pitcher Ryan Vogelsong. They’ve now beaten this poor guy up for 15 runs in 8 innings over a two game span.

Captain Lloyd should think about makin’ that scurvy dog walk the plank.


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Picks to Click

Tuesday, April 20th, 2004

Joe – Carlos Zambrano

James – Sammy Sosa

D-Trick – Alex Gonzalez

Shaun – Todd Walker

Dave – Carlos Zambrano

Wanna get in on the game? Just leave your pick to click each day before gametime in the comment section of the pick to click post.


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Cubs bust out the whoopin sticks

Monday, April 19th, 2004

This is the Cubs I want to see. They have their starting pitcher come out and get a quality start. Then the offense gets the job done to support them. This team is starting to come together. I think we are just going to come out and pound the Pirates. I am going to predict that we get a 3 game sweep of the Pirates and the Mets. You heard it here first. Mark it down and take it to Vegas.

I was able to see the whole game today after I got home from work. I was a little nervous when Clement started out so shaky. We can’t afford for him to be shaky. He needs to be solid for us while we are having some pitching difficulties. Clement did what he needed to do though and proceeded to get ground ball after ground ball out. He held his own against the powerful left-handed bats in the lineup, something he normally has trouble doing, and even added a hit of his own into the mix. Good job Matt!!!

Player of the Game

Ramirez is who impressed me the most today though. He played a great thirdbase today. I was particularly pleased with the great stab he made to save a base hit while ranging to his left. Not only did he field the ball, but he made a perfect throw to retire the hitter. He also did his job with the bat, hitting a towering Homerun that gave the Cubs some breathing room, and then later adding a triple and a walk. Not a bad day at the plate either.


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UPDATED: Twelve Men Out

Monday, April 19th, 2004

I’m keeping up with the game (on company time) Via ESPN MLB GameCast. I like this service; it reminds of that scene in “Eight Men Out,” when Mr. Rothstein goes into the betting parlor to find out if Cicotte beans the first batter to indicate that the fix is on. In the parlor they have a big board and, I think, little magnetic guys indicating baserunners. As a man reads the game updates from a ticker tape, another man updates the board by moving the little people around.

On GameCast, you get the same view, except the ticker tape is zeroes and ones and the little men are sets of pixels.

Some things I’ve noticed so far:

–Clement has thrown 71 pitches in 4 innings. By the scoreboard he appears in control, but 37 balls and 71 total pitches against 12 outs contradicts that supposition.

–Moises Alou has 6 homers!

–The middle of the Cubs lineup doesn’t appear to be driving in many runs without the aid of homers, just by the numbers. Corey Patterson has 2 HR, 5 RBI. Sosa has 4 & 8. Alou 6 hr/12 rbi. Aramis 4 hr/13 rbi. Lee 1 hr/4 rbi (!). From 2-6, they have 17 HR and 42 RBI, or about 2.5 RBI/HR.

–The Cubs are 2nd in the league in homers behind St. Louis and 4th in runs, with 70. With that information in hand, it cannot be said that the Cubs OVERALL don’t score without homers. But it doesn’t look like the middle of the lineup is helping much with that.

And Derrek Lee had best start hittin’. They traded away my favorite new player for him.


Now that’s what I call “getting results!” Derrek Lee hits a grand slam!


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Picks to Click for Monday

Monday, April 19th, 2004

Joe – Ramirez

D-Trick – Lee


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Controversy Controversy

Sunday, April 18th, 2004

Well it seems that the Mark Prior saga continues day after day. Recently, ESPN published an article stating that Cub fans might need to be bracing for the possibility that Prior may not pitch at all this season. Dusty Baker reacted very angrily to the accusations and was not pleased at all.

Does ESPN not have any other better things to write about than this? I mean my god, the season is going on. Write about what is happening on the field, not off of it unless you have a REAL story to report. People are getting sick of hearing the same crap reported about Prior. I don’t know how many times I have heard that he has thrown some pitches and should be back mid-May. Lodie Fricken dah. The Cubs need to worry about getting the job done on the field without Prior. He’s not the messiah, and to keep talking as if he’s gonna be the savior of this team is absurd. Enough is enough already. Let the man rehab already in peace. When he’s ready to go, he’ll be back to help up win some ball games. Until then, leave it alone already people.

In other controversy news, C & A Chronicle seems to think that the Cubs demonstration of showing fire was not done with class. Well, I’m sorry, but right now we’re not winning. If it takes Dusty and Woody losing their cool to spark some emotion and drive in this team, so be it. Sometimes you just have to do it to get your team into it. It’s not like it’s just in baseball either. Every sport has this. In hockey, you have an enforcer. Someone who’s specific job it is to get in a fight and raise hell to get his team fired up. In basketball, Coaches often take a technical foul or get themselves thrown out of a ballgame purposely to fire their team up and get a win.

So, again, I have no problem with what Woody or Dusty did the other day. It’s about dang time people show an “I’m sick of losing” attitude in this city. The sports teams are a joke, and it’s got to change. If this is what it takes, bring it on and lets see some more of it.

In other news today, the Cubs lost another one to the stupid Reds. Not much to say about a game where the wind blew out 30mph. It’s anyone’s game and the Reds managed to get one more run than us. It’s hard to brag about that kind of win. It was just a matter of who could get the ball in the air the most. That’s not a baseball game and I am not going to treat it as one.

Player of the Game

Sammy Sosa. It’s hard to argue with 2 HR’s in a loss. He did what he needed to do. Alou also played a heck of a game, falling a single short of the cycle.


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