I can’t tell you how bored I am lately with baseball news, probably because there isn’t any. All we keep hearing about is stupid Pete Rose. I hate to comment about this but here is my feeling on it. I think he should be elected to the Hall of Fame as a player because he was a good one and it was as a manager that he made his mistakes. I do feel like he should be banned from doing anything more with baseball though. Just allow him to be inducted as a player and let it be over. For some reason I have a hard time believing that he is truly sorry and misses the game that much. I mean, if I knew there was a risk of losing something that I love by doing something stupid, I wouldn’t do it. He should have thought that through. At this point though, just do something and get him out of the news.

In other news, my wife and I bought TiVo the other day, and I must say it is pretty cool. For those who do not know what it can do for your sports watching capabilities, check it out. I highly recommend it. Needless to say, I will not miss any Cubs games that come on WGN this year. It used to be a pain in the butt because I would set my tape and not want to see the score. So, I would have my wife check to see if the game was over, but have her swear she would not tell me any information at all. Now, with TiVo, I can set a recording of the game and not have to wait until it is over to start watching. I can watch from the beginning and Tivo is still recording the whole thing. So, basically the games start when I want, not when the Cubs want. Check it out guys, it’s very cool. That’s about all for now. The battle of the Blogs is going quite well. I am going to cut the voting in a few days and set up the final. Thanks again to everyone who has voted. Be sure to read all the other blogs on my links because they are all a lot better than mine.

Tagline – Don’t Go in the water (Name that movie!!!)


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