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So today the Cub’s got themselves the second baseman that I would have liked to see them get a while back. The Cub’s signed Todd Walker today for a 1 year deal worth a little under 2 million. I checked the Sloth’s site and he doesn’t like this move. I can’t figure out how a Cub’s fan doesn’t like this move. We got a lefty, which we desperately needed. Also, in my opinion we got a 2b who can really make our lineup pretty tough to pitch against. The one thing that makes me mad is that the team maintains that Grudzielanek is still the starter. I’m sorry, I like him, but he had a career year last year. Get Walker in the lineup everyday and lets see some pop at 2b for once. On the whole, I think this is a great acquisition.

I am adding a new poll question. It is a little late because of the holidays. It’s hard being away from home and trying to find the time to update. As far as the results for the last poll, 50% of the votes suggest that the Cubs will win the world series this year. 11% said they will miss the playoffs all together. Interesting!!!

Tagline: Don’t Go in the Water (Name that Movie)

I figured I would give you all an easy one since it’s Christmas!!!