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Battle of the Blogs

Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

You’ve heard of battle of the bands, but have you ever heard of battle of the Blogs? Because of the lack of Cubs news lately as well as me being sick and bored out of my mind, I have started a competition. We are going to have my readers vote for their favorite blog from my links. The only exception to this is it will be excluding my blog (for obvious reasons) and The Cubs Reporter, because it is by far too superior. In fact, it is so superior that I can’t even seem to score a link from his site.

So here is how it works. I have broken 30 blogs, all of which are found in my Cubs Blog Army links, into 3 separate polls of 10 blogs each. The polls are set for random so it should change when you come to the site again. Please vote in all 3 if you can. The top 3 vote getters in each poll will advance to the Finals which will decide the best Cubs Blog. Please promote your site if you want on my comments section or on your site. Campain for votes. To the winner, I will post an interview with them on my site promoting their Cub’s blog and their reasons for writing. Good Luck Everyone!!!!


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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003

I want everyone to post a pin on the Cubs Guestmap. I have a feeling that it is not just people who live in Chicago that write or read Cub’s blogs. Please do this and make sure you tell what site you maintain if you have a Cubs Blog.


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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003

So today the Cub’s got themselves the second baseman that I would have liked to see them get a while back. The Cub’s signed Todd Walker today for a 1 year deal worth a little under 2 million. I checked the Sloth’s site and he doesn’t like this move. I can’t figure out how a Cub’s fan doesn’t like this move. We got a lefty, which we desperately needed. Also, in my opinion we got a 2b who can really make our lineup pretty tough to pitch against. The one thing that makes me mad is that the team maintains that Grudzielanek is still the starter. I’m sorry, I like him, but he had a career year last year. Get Walker in the lineup everyday and lets see some pop at 2b for once. On the whole, I think this is a great acquisition.

I am adding a new poll question. It is a little late because of the holidays. It’s hard being away from home and trying to find the time to update. As far as the results for the last poll, 50% of the votes suggest that the Cubs will win the world series this year. 11% said they will miss the playoffs all together. Interesting!!!

Tagline: Don’t Go in the Water (Name that Movie)

I figured I would give you all an easy one since it’s Christmas!!!


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Monday, December 22nd, 2003

Ok, I am on vacation at my parents house with my wife for the holidays. I will do my best to update as much as possible. I haven’t been able to see any news. All I know is that the Cubs signed Barrett, traded Miller and got a utility guy named macias from Montreal. That’s about all I know. I am gonna try to get online tomorrow and get clued in to everything. Happy Holidays everyone.


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Thursday, December 18th, 2003

Welcome Kent Merker and Todd Hollandsworth. For some reason. I’m not really even sure why, I have always liked both of these guys, especially Hollandsworth. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that they are the pieces that will put us over the edge, but at least we added two guys that I think can help us. I think Hollandsworth is capable of doing some things this year. This guy was supposed to be a great player and just never really panned out. Maybe Wrigley field and Dusty’s magic will get him going. It worked for Alou. No matter what, both of these guys are on one year contracts so the worst that could happen is that they suck and we get rid of them after this year. I really think both are going to do alright though. Hollandsworth will be better than O’Leary, and Merker has got to be better than someone in our pen last year.

In other news, I have read on The Big Red C that he just wants something to happen with A-Rod. I agree!!! Just wake me up when it does because I am so sick of this rumor crap. Just do something already so this is not one of the first headlines on PTI everyday. It’s crowding up one of my favorite shows. Also, I was cruising some blogs this morning and read my buddy Eric’s White Sox Blog. It is funny to see how little the Sox fans have to be happy about. Check it out.

That’s about it for tonight. No one has been leaving me any comments lately. It could be because they have been broken a little bit lately. They’re working now so show me some love people. Also, this is the last day for the LOOK CLOSER tagline. Get it today or I’m giving you all the answer. Peace!!


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