My Wish List

So here is my first official post to this site that means anything. I am going to talk about what I would like to see happen with this team in order to get us to a position where we can dominate. Bear in mind. This wish list is purely what I would do if I owned the team and had pockets like a certain owner in NY.

Step 1: Hope and Pray that Sammy Sosa elects to search for greener pastures and free up some money for us.

Step 2: Use money freed up to sign Vlad!!! (This is a must if step 1 is going to be successful)

Step 3: Resign the following members from the 2003 club: Tom Goodwin, Kenny Lofton. I know that it seems like we should sign more than this, but trust me, other people are coming.

Step 4: Sign these players: Louis Castillo, Miguel Tejada, Vlad, Kelvin Escobar, Ugueth Urbina

My lineup would then look like this:

1. Castillo – 2b

2. Patterson – CF

3. Guerrero – RF

4. Tejada – SS

5. Ramirez – 3b

6. Alou – LF

7. Simon/Choi – 1b

8. Miller – C (This is the only real weakness)

9. Pitcher Slot


1. Prior

2. Wood

3. Zambrano

4. Clement

5. Escobar








I think this would work. Let me know what you all think.


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