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Now that’s more like it!

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Every dog has it’s day and today was ours. Statistics show that 2006 Cubs fans get to enjoy themselves about 37% of the time and today’s game was such an event. We saw homerun after homerun, the offense clicked on eight cylinders. Zambrano got roughed up a bit and it didn’t really matter. This year’s been real rough on Cubs fans so we have to pick our spots and have some fun when we can!

Football and hockey season are approaching and there has been a flurry of activity in the NHL free agent market. Things just got a bit tougher for Blackhawks fans as their rivals to the south just got a little stronger:

Let’s go Preds!


The Tribune speculates that Scott Williamson and Phil Nevin may be on their way out of Chicago after criticizing Dusty on The Score. They are reported to have said that if “you’re not one of [Dusty Baker’s] boys and he doesn’t have much confidence in you, then you wear it.”