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July 2006



Cubs vs. Sox – Round #5

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Maybe the ostriches know something we don’t. Okay here’s the good news. Juan Pierre had a good day at the plate, he did what Juan Pierre was supposed to do. Aramis Ramirez was a hitting machine and he even legged out a triple. Jones snagged a couple of hits including a round-tripper – his offensive performance has far exceeded my preseason expectations. The top of the order generally produced, which is what we need them to do if we’re gonna lose less than 100. Right now that should be the goal, for any team including a rebuilding team a hundred losses is just plain disgraceful. The team also turned three double plays.

Now for the bad news. Dusty again showed his inability to work with young ballplayers by chewing Cedeno out in front of the whole dugout. A tactful manager like Bobby Cox or Joe Girardi will take the young player down into the clubhouse alley and say what he has to say; Dusty on the other hand doesn’t know the meaning of the word “tact” let alone how to spell it. Dusty has “Medusa’s touch;” everything he touches turns to stone. Baker also is doing a Latroy II with Dempster; you need a jackhammer to get through this guy’s thick coconut. Why doesn’t he learn from what he sees? Dempster’s cold so you let somebody else close for a while. Duh!!!

The Cubs gave up a lot of runs today, and it wasn’t rookies shelling out the gopher balls. I’m hoping that Maddux will go out with honor if he is unable to snap out of the funk he’s in; he’s leaving a lot of pitches over the center of the plate and you can’t do that when you throw in the 80s. The team also stranded some more baserunners in scoring position, something that’s been hindering the team all season long. And finally, watching Pierzynski of all people hit the game-winner hurt like hell – he has become the anti-Cub.

The 2006 team’s .363 winning percentage presently qualifies them as the worst team in Cubs history.

Dusty-o-Meter: 82 games left
Hendry-o-Meter: 406 games left